16 January 2012

Mission 2012: First-timer 2012

Apa itu First-timer 2012?
Mencuba something yang belum cuba (visit, makan, etc)
Currently I have achieved a few things early of this year.
In the future, I target to try it all. if possible.

#1: Secret Recipe
This time is my friend's birthday and this is my first time eat Secret Recipe.
1 January 2012

#2: Nando's Chicken
My brother buy this when he visit malacca.
8 Januari 2012

Actually I got lucky because can eat these food because other person treat me. In the first hand, this thing doesn't have in the list. Thank you.

#3: Air Panas Gadek, Melaka
First time also. Really relaxing doing this. Nice.
14 Januari 2012

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