30 September 2011



T - Take short tests and quizzes. 
After revisions, always quiz yourself with simple questions. This will not only help boost your confidence before the actual exam but it makes studying fun.

U - Unwind with some games or sport. 
Around the clock work and no break will make you go crazy. You must know how to divide your time for work and play.

V - Visualization and positive throughts. 
Have a mental picture of yourself doing the exam with full confidence. Imagine that you are writing all of them and knowing that all of them are correct. If you can visualize psitively, you can do it.

W - Water. 
Drink water at least 8 glasses of water a day. Avoid carbonated drinks and drinks containing caffeine especially coffee and tea. Though caffeine is an instant boost, in the long run, it will leave you tired and disrupt sleeping patterns.

X - X it out. 
Cross out the syllabus that are not relevant to your exams. This will help you concentrate in important syllabuses and not waste time on irrelevant ones.

Y - You are the key to your success. 
You must know and understand what you have studied and not just memorize it. Memorizing is not going to help you much because questions come in various forms.

Z - Zap away tiredness. 
Your body gets tired after a hard day's worth of studying. Refresh yourself by taking a break for a quick refreshing shower or if possible, a long relaxing warm bath. Add some aromatheraphy oils in your bath to help you relax or aromatheraphy shower gels in the shower. Try lavender scented oil to help you clear your head and relax.

29 September 2011



O - Organize your study table. 
If you have a messy, disorganized table, clean it up. A well organized study space will keep you calm and help you concentrate better. You will definitely be in the studying mood when all your books and stationery are easily accessible. 

 P - Plan your studies. 
It is important to have a good study plan and follow that plan. Planning helps you to keep track of the syllabus you need to cover in a ranged time span.

Q - Quiet Zone. 
Peace and quiet is important when studying because it allows you to focus and concentrate. A noisy area can increase stress while studying. Avoid studying with the television or radio on, instead choose a quiet place like your local library to study.

R - Resources and reference. 
Try to get as many resources and reference notes and books. Studying from only one resources might no be helpful. However, when using resources and reference. especially ones off the internet, always remember to check if information is valid and accurate.

S - Sleep. 
During stressful time, you will be plagued by fatigue and tiredness. You cannot concentrate well. Sleep is essential to your body. Your immune system will be at its lowest when you do not get enough rest. Sleep early on the night before the exam.


24 September 2011

10 Tips Kempiskan Perut Melalui Senaman

Inginkan otot abs (otot perut) yang kental, kempis dan menarik? Sebenarnya tidak lah sukar sangat. Anda tidak perlukan suplemen hebat, tak perlu peralatan yang canggih. Ikutilah tip-tip berikut:

Ehsan en Google

  • Penting kualiti daripada kuantiti! Tidak perlu melaku beratus-ratus sit ups setiap hari! 1 ataupun 2 sesi seminggu dengan latihan berkualiti adalah lebih baik. Don’t overtrain.
  • Untuk merangsangkan otot abs anda setiap sessi, pelbagaikan latihan abs ! Gunakan latihan yang berbeza untuk latih abs daripada sudut yang berbeza. Bahagian abs termasuk, upper, mid, lower dan obliques.
  • Fokus kepada contraction otot abs semasa latihan! Make sure its your abs that is doing the work dan bukan bahagian otot yang lain (back, leher dll).
  • Fokus kepada pernafasan. Hembus nafas ketika “exertion” (ataupun ketika melakukan “crunch”). Ini akan membolehkan anda contract otot abs dengan sebaik mungkin
  • Untuk sesi workout abs, lakukan 2-3 latihan yang berbeza. Sebagai panduan, stick to 3 set bagi setiap exercise dan 15-20 ulangan (reps) bagi setiap set!
  • Latihan abs yang terbaik tidak akan menolong anda untuk kempiskan perut selagi adanya lapisan lemak antara otot dan kulit!
  • Penjagaan makanan adalah mustahak untuk memiliki bahagian perut yang cantik! Elakkan makanan berminyak, garam. Minum banyak air dan pastikan anda mengamalkan diet yang seimbang.
  • Jaga kalori anda. Anda perlu cipta kalori deficit untuk membakar lemak berlebihan.
  • Latihan kardio ataupun bersukan adalah cara yang sesuai untuk membakar kalori berlebihan! It also makes dieting easier as kita tidak perlu jaga pemakanan dengan terlalu rapat!
  • Jika anda telahpun kurangkan lemak badan tetapi tidak lagi nampak abs yang cantik, kurangkan pengambilan sodium (yang takung air badan) dan make sure semasa latihan, abs are fatigued. Tingkatkan ulangan ataupun beban jika perlu!
p/s: jom petang2 pegi exercise. main futsal, badminton, squash dan tennis pon boleh.. ^_^

22 September 2011



J - Just take it step by step. 
Trying to finish everything in one go makes it all seem impossible. Break it all down into manageable portions. Do a little bit of studying everyday and do not overhelm yourself with last minute studying.

K - Keep it short and simple. 
Make short and compact notes that you can take along with you for a quickie revision on the way to school or during recess.

L - List things down. 
Checklists help you get organized better. Not only will it reduce stress, you will have better time management as well. Always have two separate checklists, one to check the syllabus and subjects that you have gone through. Make another list for stationery to ensure you have all the required stationery for the exam.

M - Mini massages. 
Japanese Shiatsu style massage are simple and quick. Release tensed facial muscles by running your fingers along your eyebrows and then run them upwards through you hair, down the back of your head to your nape. Mini massages can be used before or in between studying time to improve blood circulation to the brain and helps to relax muscles.

N - Nourishments. 
During exam times, your health should be top priority. You should keep your body well nourished and well rested. If you are sick, you will be worn out easily by fatigue and lose focus on your studies and exam.  

21 September 2011

Facebook new layout

Salam semua...
today facebook release new layout kn??
mesti semua masih janggal lagi nak guna fb baru nih...

ok, bagi sesiapa yg belum bersedia untuk menggunakan fb baru ni,
korang leh tukar kepada layout yg asal....

Klik untuk gambar besar


1. buka setting facebook
2. tukar language kepada English (UK)
3. sekarang anda dah boleh guna layout yang lama...

Selamat Mencuba!!!

*cara ni dah xjadi sejak malam ni berikutan fb telah di update..sekian..

18 September 2011

Static Cartoon 3

Koleksi Kartun



F - Food for thought
Having a well balanced meal is essential. Having the right food will help motivate your brain to concentrate longer and more efficiently. Carbohydrate-rich food helps to release energy more slowly. Fried and oily food causes sleepiness so stock up on fruits and vegetables instead.

G - Group studying
The best way to remember something is to teach another person. Arrange for study group sessions where you can share and exchange information with your friends. Plus the woload is divided between group members making it easier to study.

H - Have a laugh
Laughter helps your brain to release endorphins. Endorphines help to lighten up your mood and make you feel much better. Try reading a short joke or listen to a silly song every 2 hours interval.

 I - Increase blood flow and oxygen intake
Exercising encourage blood flow to your brains. This help to keep you alert. Do some light stretching or jog on the spot for 5 minutes, every half an hour.

16 September 2011



A - Actively ask questions
When you do not know something, always ask for help. Many people feel afraid or shy to ask questions because they feel that asking questions might make them look stupid or useless. First of all, there are no stupid questions. Take the initiative to ask your teachers, parents or friends if you have a question concerning your study or subject.

B - Breath properly
Proper breathing allows sufficient intake of oxygen. Lying down does not allow you to breathe properly so do sit up right when you are studying.

C - Use color therapy to assist you while revising
Colors have different effects. Bright, cheerful and warm colors like yellow, orange and red can lift your spirits and encourage happiness. Shades of light blue have calming effects. You can try having colorful attires when you are studying.

D - Decorate your revision books and notes with colored ink and pictures
Black and white is not only boring but can confuse you. Highlight important facts with colored pens and highlighters. Draw pictures and mind maps relevant to the subjects you are studying to help you remember better.

E - Encourage yourself.
You know how the coach always psyched the team before a big game? Give yourself a 5-minute pep talk before you start revising by looking in the mirror and say positive things like, "You are the best!" and "You can score!". 

11 September 2011

Re-post: Perempuan lebih ramai curang: Statistik

Re-post entry saya yg dulu: 
Selamat Petang rakan2 blogger semua...

Entry ini saya tulis sebagai Reply Entry kepada entry yg ditulis oleh Cik Coklat.
Entry beliau yg bertajuk: 'Aku selalu dengar orang cakap yang lelaki lebih banyak curang' yg ditulis pada 3 Januari 2011.

Entry ini bukan ditulis untuk menyakitkan dan menginggung hati sesiapa
malah bukan juga ingin memihak kepada pihak yg lain juga...

Kebetulan saya ada terbaca Kosmo keluaran 3 Januari 2011 (Isnin).
ruangan METRO GLOBAL ada 1 berita menarik

Tajuk: Perempuan kini lebih suka menipu

menurut berita tersebut, berdasarkan 1 kajian yg dilakukan di London, ia mendedahkan bahawaperempuan lebih suka menipu berbanding lelaki.

Menurut berita tersebut, "Seorang daripada lima peserta kaji selidik berkata, dia pasti akan menjalin hubungan dengan lelaki lain jika jatuh cinta dengannya."

Perempuan juga dikatakan bukan kekasih yang setia. 
"Kaji selidik yang dilakukan ke atas 3,000 orang itu buat kali pertama mendedahkan perempuan bukan kekasih yang setia." 

 Hmmm...boleh percaya ke dgn kajian2 mcm ni? orang barat ni suka2 je kn wat kajian macam ni... Apa pendapat rakan-rakan blogger??

Piala Malaysia 2011

Keputusan penuh 10/9/2011

Kumpulan A:
-Sabah FA 2-1 Kedah FA
-Perak FA 2-1 Johor FA

Kumpulan B:
-Terengganu FA 3-2 PKNS Selangor FC
-N.Sembilan FA 5-0 Sime darby FC

Kumpulan C:
-Felda United FC 1-0 Sarawak FA

Kumpulan D :
-Selangor FA 2-0 PDRM
-K.Lumpur 2-1 T-Team FC

07 September 2011

Liga Malaysia - 6/9/11

Keputusan penuh:

Selasa 06/09/11

Sabah 0 - 0 Perak
Sarawak 0 - 2 Kelantan
Johor 0 - 2 Kedah
Sime Darby 0 - 3 Terengganu
PKNS 1 - 2 Negeri Sembilan
Johor FC 0 - 2 Felda United
PBDKT T-Team 1 - 0 Selangor
PDRM 0 - 3 Kuala Lumpur