16 September 2011



A - Actively ask questions
When you do not know something, always ask for help. Many people feel afraid or shy to ask questions because they feel that asking questions might make them look stupid or useless. First of all, there are no stupid questions. Take the initiative to ask your teachers, parents or friends if you have a question concerning your study or subject.

B - Breath properly
Proper breathing allows sufficient intake of oxygen. Lying down does not allow you to breathe properly so do sit up right when you are studying.

C - Use color therapy to assist you while revising
Colors have different effects. Bright, cheerful and warm colors like yellow, orange and red can lift your spirits and encourage happiness. Shades of light blue have calming effects. You can try having colorful attires when you are studying.

D - Decorate your revision books and notes with colored ink and pictures
Black and white is not only boring but can confuse you. Highlight important facts with colored pens and highlighters. Draw pictures and mind maps relevant to the subjects you are studying to help you remember better.

E - Encourage yourself.
You know how the coach always psyched the team before a big game? Give yourself a 5-minute pep talk before you start revising by looking in the mirror and say positive things like, "You are the best!" and "You can score!". 

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