30 September 2011



T - Take short tests and quizzes. 
After revisions, always quiz yourself with simple questions. This will not only help boost your confidence before the actual exam but it makes studying fun.

U - Unwind with some games or sport. 
Around the clock work and no break will make you go crazy. You must know how to divide your time for work and play.

V - Visualization and positive throughts. 
Have a mental picture of yourself doing the exam with full confidence. Imagine that you are writing all of them and knowing that all of them are correct. If you can visualize psitively, you can do it.

W - Water. 
Drink water at least 8 glasses of water a day. Avoid carbonated drinks and drinks containing caffeine especially coffee and tea. Though caffeine is an instant boost, in the long run, it will leave you tired and disrupt sleeping patterns.

X - X it out. 
Cross out the syllabus that are not relevant to your exams. This will help you concentrate in important syllabuses and not waste time on irrelevant ones.

Y - You are the key to your success. 
You must know and understand what you have studied and not just memorize it. Memorizing is not going to help you much because questions come in various forms.

Z - Zap away tiredness. 
Your body gets tired after a hard day's worth of studying. Refresh yourself by taking a break for a quick refreshing shower or if possible, a long relaxing warm bath. Add some aromatheraphy oils in your bath to help you relax or aromatheraphy shower gels in the shower. Try lavender scented oil to help you clear your head and relax.

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