22 September 2011



J - Just take it step by step. 
Trying to finish everything in one go makes it all seem impossible. Break it all down into manageable portions. Do a little bit of studying everyday and do not overhelm yourself with last minute studying.

K - Keep it short and simple. 
Make short and compact notes that you can take along with you for a quickie revision on the way to school or during recess.

L - List things down. 
Checklists help you get organized better. Not only will it reduce stress, you will have better time management as well. Always have two separate checklists, one to check the syllabus and subjects that you have gone through. Make another list for stationery to ensure you have all the required stationery for the exam.

M - Mini massages. 
Japanese Shiatsu style massage are simple and quick. Release tensed facial muscles by running your fingers along your eyebrows and then run them upwards through you hair, down the back of your head to your nape. Mini massages can be used before or in between studying time to improve blood circulation to the brain and helps to relax muscles.

N - Nourishments. 
During exam times, your health should be top priority. You should keep your body well nourished and well rested. If you are sick, you will be worn out easily by fatigue and lose focus on your studies and exam.  

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